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       各位同事 :

最近廉署內部的人事變動,經傳媒報導之後, 引起了市民的廣泛關注。


連日來事件不斷發酵 ,加上部份社會人作出猜測言論 ,廉署的聲譽和公信力有嚴重的負面影響


廉署數十年來的表現,大家有目共睹。絶大部份市民都有信心,知道廉署是絕對獨立運作的。 這信心亦不會輕易因為個別事件而動搖。


而在職同對公署的信心和對肅貪倡廉工作的堅持,亦一如既往 。香港需要你們 !


我們與現今的管理層共事多年,完全相信他們可以貫徹及維護廉署的核心價值 :  公平公正、無畏無懼。


廉潔是香港社會的重要支柱,需要大家珍惜 。我們肯定各同會緊守崗位 ,不受外界的測和指責影響 ,定必團結一致、上下一心,繼續守護香港。



「 廉署團隊,我們為你打氣!











Open Letter to ICAC Serving Staff


August 5, 2016


Dear Colleagues,



ICAC, we cheer for you with our heartfelt support !


What seems to be a normal practice within corporate governance, ICAC’s recent personnel changes have attracted much media attention and turned out to be a bolt from the sky – unexpected, uninvited, and totally uncalled for.

                As the mist continues to develop, some people made wild speculations and remarks, which could undermine the reputation and credibility of the ICAC.

The good performance of ICAC in past decades has been well witnessed by the public. People generally have the confidence in the strict independence of its operation, and such confidence would not be easily shaken by any single incident.

We believe that serving colleagues in the Commission have the same confidence and persistence in your fight against corruption. Hong Kong Needs You !


In our service with the Commission, we had worked long enough with the current management to believe that they can uphold the core values ​​of the ICAC : integrity and fair play, and exercise their duties without fear or favour.


Probity is an important pillar of the Hong Kong society which we need to cherish.  We are sure that all serving colleagues will stand fast, free from unwanted influence of speculation and accusation, and guard Hong Kong against corruption with perpetual endeavour in unity.


                                                                                   ICAC Retired Officers Association


ROA Annual General Meeting


11 September 2015
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Retired Associations Joint Liaison Group Dinner Gathering


26 June 2015
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The Independent Commission Against Corruption Retired Officers Association (ICACROA) was founded in 2002 by a group of retired officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The Association is Committed to fostering communication amongst retired officers of the Commission. To achieve this mission, the Association strives to promote connection and mutual support amongst members, seeks to shape its strategies and policies that assure the greatest benefits of members in all respects, and spares no efforts in helping out when needs arise.




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