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Mrs. Yu Lai Ching-ping, Helen



Helen joined the ICAC in early March 1974 and worked with the founding Commissioner Sir Jack Cater to map out a plan for public education to promote awareness and understanding of the ICAC. From then on, she headed the Community Relations department and spearheaded its development according to plan.

In May 1980, Helen considered her mission accomplished and returned to Government and then served as the head or deputy head of a number of Departments. In 2001, she became the Deputy Ombudsman and served as such in that statutory body until the end of April 2010. 

Helen was honoured as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1997 and awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star in 2002. 

Currently, she is committed to voluntary service for her alma mater Maryknoll Convent School.


Message to the ROA


To be reunited with former colleagues through The Independent Commission Against Corruption Retired Officers Association is, for me, a proud privilege.  It is particularly heartwarming that ICAC members from different departments come together even in retirement.

While in the service of the Commission, we beavered away in our specific field so that getting together like this was a rare treat.  Yet, throughout, we were closely united in one and the same mission, combat against corruption by “three-prong attack”.  In the words of our founding Commissioner Sir Jack Cater, we were all “knights in shining armour” joining forces in a crusade for equity and integrity.

Now although no longer in active service, we can still spread the word.  Let us continue to uphold the ICAC standard and promote its cause.


Helen CP Lai YU






Mr. Lee Chun-sang, Francis  IDS

李俊生   先生






Francis Lee joined the Operations Department of the ICAC as an Investigator in December 1974. He retired in December 2010 in the rank of Deputy Director of Operations. In 1999 he was awarded the ICAC Distinguished Service Medal (IDS).




Message to the ROA




There is the old saying: 'It is the good deeds in our previous lives that bring us to the same boat'. Should we not therefore cherish our relationship as ex-colleagues.


For the past decades we devoted ourselves in our respective posts to the meaningful cause of fighting corruption, deriving pride and satisfaction from our work. There was stress as much as exciting and rewarding moments.  We had the courage, the camaraderie and excellent teamwork to take on the challenges and accomplish the task. After leaving the ICAC, it makes sense for us to maintain the tie. We could meet to foster mutual support, to cultivate common interest and, even better, to participate in volunteer work.


I believe members will enrich their retirement life from the sharing of experiences and taking part in association activities.


May I take this opportunity to wish the Chairman and his team all the best in promoting the work of the association. I wish you all good health and rewarding times for many years to come.












Ms. Kwan Yee-lan, Sally



Ms Sally KWAN joined the ICAC in 1982 as a Community Relations Officer upon graduation from the Hong Kong University. In 1989, she was transferred to the ICAC’s Administration Branch and had been in charge of various sections and groups. She was appointed as the Assistant Director/ Administration and the Secretary to Commission Against Corruption in 2018.

Ms Kwan assisted the Commission in setting up the International Liaison and Training Group under the Administration Branch in 2017. Under her leadership, the group actively involved in strengthening international cooperation and provided training assistance to many countries. It also supported the Commissioner in running for the Presidency of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Agencies (IAACA). Following the Commissioner’s being elected as the President of the association in January 2022, Ms Kwan was appointed the Secretary General of IAACA at the same time. Ms Kwan then assisted the Commission in establishing the International Cooperation and Corporate Services Department and served as the first Director of the Department. Ms Kwan retired in May 2023 after serving the Commission for 41 years. She was awarded the ICAC Distinguished Service Medal by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.  

關儀蘭女士於1982年香港大學畢業後加入廉政公署社區關係處。她於1989年調職廉署的行政總部、 歷任不同組別主管。關女士逐步晋升,於2018年獲委任為助理處長/行政,並擔任廉政公署秘書-職。 

關女士在2017年協助廉署在行政總部下設立國際聯絡和培訓组。在她的领導下,該組積極參與提升 廉署的國際合作,及為不同司法管轄地區提供反貪能力建設培訓。該組又支緩專員競選國際反貪局聯合會 (IAACA)主席一職。專員於2022年1月當選為該會主席,關女士同時獲委任為IAACA的秘書長。随後, 關女士協助廉署成立了國際合作與機構服務處,並擔任该處的首任處長。直至2023年5月退休,關女士 服務公署達41年,獲行政長官頒發廉署卓越勛章,表揚她對廉署多年的貢獻和成就。


Message to the ROA


I am honored to be appointed as the Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong ICAC Retired Officers Association. The association holds great significance for retired colleagues. Having worked together in the Commission for many years, we have established a common language and many collective memories. Joining the association allows us to continue this precious part of our lives after retirement. Through various activities organized by the association each year, we can stay connected with colleagues from different departments, share unforgettable experiences and retirement insights, which add much color to our retired lives. The association serves as a bridge between us and the Commission, advocating for our welfare, uniting retired colleagues to continue supporting the Commission's anti-corruption mission. It also organizes members of the association to participate in charitable activities and serve the community. I would like to express my gratitude to the Chairman and the Committee Members for their contributions to the association. I hope to work together with everyone to promote the association, serve its members, and attract more retired colleagues to join.

我很榮幸成為香港廉政公署退休人員協會的名譽顧問。協會對退休同事十分重要。我們在公署工作多年,建立了共同語言, 有着不少集體回憶,參加協會可以讓我們在退休後,延續這人生中珍貴的部分。透過協會每年舉辦的各項大小活動, 我們可以繼續與不同部門的同袍保持聯繫,分享難忘經歷和退休心得,為我們的退休生活增添色彩。協會亦是我們和公署的橋樑, 為我們爭取福利,又團結退休同事,繼續支持公署的反貪使命;更組織同事參與慈善活動,服務社會。我感謝主席和各委員 為協會作出的貢獻,我希望與大家攜手推動協會、服務各會員,並吸引更多退休同袍加入。



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