Annual General Meeting held on 8 December 2017

at Staff Mess, ICAC Headquarters



Present :

Ricky Hui


Raymond Chow

(Vice Chairman)

Samuel Chung


Tony Kwok


Ryan Wong


Francis Lee


Helen Yu


Franklin WK Wong


Teresa Wu


John Wong




Eric Fan


Daniel Tung


Edwin Tsang


Betty Wu


Sydney Sun


Fred Poon


Chan Siu Yung


Neil Parkinson


Ng Kin Wah


David MY Lai


Sunny Tang


Grace Pang


Tommy Yeung


Simon WK Cheng


Danny Lo


Raymond YC Ho


Andrew Lai


Isabella Chow


Henley Tsun


Jimmy Wong


Dominic Leung


James Fung


Eva Wan


Maurice Yuen









In Attendance :




Cheung Chiu Hung Rebecca






                 Ricky welcomed members and Hon Presidents and Advisers Tony Kwok, Ryan Wong, Francis Lee, and Helen Yu.

Confirmation of minutes of last AGM on 5 December 2016

1.             As proposed by PK and seconded by Ryan, the minutes of the last AGM were confirmed as read.


Chairman¡¯s Report

Benefits for ROA Members 

2.             Members might wish to note that Dr Chow Pak Chin, specialist on optometry had agreed to give 20% on charges of all services.

3.             Mr Alain Sham, former Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, had accepted the appointment of legal adviser of ICAC ROA.

ROA Members to Enjoy Commission Facilities

4.             Thanks to the efforts of Ms Rebecca Cheung, S/MA3, that arrangements had been made by the Commission for ROA members to enjoy the facilities in ICAC HQ.  The Commission agreed

- to allow up to 10 serving officers and Staff Club Retired Officer Members to park private cars at the loading and unloading bay outside office hours for participating in major Staff Club activities (such as Annual Dinner) and Retried Officers¡¯ Association (ROA¡¯s) AGM cum dinner when parking demand is high.  Each officer could apply for only one parking space for himself / herself on a first-come-first-served basis, while request for parking spaces for families and friends would not be entertained;

- to allow Staff Club Retired officer Members to access the Mess beyond its business hours (7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) and at ROA¡¯s AGM cum dinner, dinner gatherings with ROAs of other disciplined services and at other Staff Club functions;  and

- during Staff Club events, to open up the Exhibition Hall for visits by serving officers and retired officers to take their families and friends as a side activity.

Medical Assistance for ROA Members

5.             Ricky also thanked Rebecca for her efforts in coordinating the voluntary contributions from serving officers towards financial assistance for medical expenses for Anthony Pang¡¯s relapse of disease.  Along with the enthusiastic response from serving officers, voluntary and positive initiative had come from all concerned.  Former AD/CR Antonio Chu¡¯s wife, Patricia who was with the Anti-Cancer Fund had offered a helping hand to arrange financial assistance as well.  Eventually, Anthony Pang had been granted sponsorship from Samaritan Fund to cover his medical expenses.   

Activities in Coming Year

6.             A joint disciplined services ROAs fellowship dinner had been scheduled for 25 January 2018.  A fung shui master, Mr Ma Chi Kin, former AD of Education Department would be the guest speaker to talk about the predictions for the Zodiac Year of the Dog.  Master Ma and his followers would also perform Chinese martial art.  There would also be music and singing performance.


Treasurer¡¯s Report

7.             Sydney presented the financial report.  Details were :

                As at 30 November 2017, ROA¡¯s accounts were as follows ¨C

                Balance in account        $265,071.42 which comprised of -

                ROA account                  $ 22,201.64

                Medical fund                  $207,223.48

                Charity fund                   $ 35,646.30

8.             In the past year, there were 61 paid up members, including 7 new members and 10 changed from ordinary to life members.  Total income of membership fees were $15,000.

9.             Voluntary contributions received in the last term of the ROA included $57,905 for the family of the late Steve Sayell, and $23,000 for the charity fund.  Expenses of $2,129 covered website maintenance, stationery and wreath.  Added with purchase of gifts and souvenirs for visits to charitable elderly homes, gifts for joint disciplined services ROAs annual functions, and Anthony Pang¡¯s medical expenses, the yearly expenses ending 31 March 2017 were $66,448.70.

10.           The Executive Committee had resolved to revive the collection of annual membership fee with effect from 2017.  As reported earlier, 60 members had paid up.  The EC would find ways to contact and encourage those members who might have missed the notice on membership fee.  The next collection of membership fee would start on 1 March 2018.

11.           The EC had also resolved that in the future, EC members attending joint functions of disciplined services ROAs should pay for their own participation fees as well as the gifts to other ROAs.

12.           Sydney would like to step down from the Treasurer¡¯s post, while be willing to serve on the EC.  He thanked Edwin Tsang who has agreed to take up the Treasurer post, if there was no contestant in the election of office bearers and EC members.


Auditor¡¯s Report

13.           Tommy Yeung reported that the audit of accounts had been completed satisfactorily, thanks to the effective work and detailed supporting documents prepared by Sydney.

14.           Ricky thanked Tommy for his diligent auditing work in the past years.  He also thanked Tommy for his advice on other association activities.


Election of Office Bearers and EC Members

Addition of One More Vice-Chairman

15.           Ricky sought the meeting¡¯s endorsement to increase one post of Vice-Chairman to take care of the additional workload in recent years, in particular the liaison with the other disciplined services ROAs, and the joint effort in discussion with the government and Legislative Council on negotiation of welfare and benefits for retired Commission staff.

16.           Ryan enquired on the benefits derived from the close liaison with other disciplined services ROAs.  Raymond responded that joining hands with other ROAs would strengthen our stance in raising requests for welfare and benefits for retired members of the Commission.  This would be the same in seeking discounts from service institutions, restaurants and hotels, etc.  As our ROA had a relatively small number of members, commercial companies had little or no interest in granting discounts to such small clientele.  Joining hands with other ROAs would always get a better deal.  Also, joining with other ROAs in organizing functions would gain the respect of government and other organizations which would accept invitation readily.  Examples were SCS¡¯s willingness to consider proposals from Commission staff on medical benefits for retired staff after the public hearing on medical and dental benefits for government officers, and the attendance of spring reception dinner of the disciplined services ROAs by representatives of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government (LOCPG).

17.           Ricky said that the frequency of our liaison work with the other 6 disciplined services ROAs and the Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants¡¯ Association had increased in recent years.  There was the need to have one more Vice-Chairman to share the workload. Towards the end of December, the joint ROAs would receive a delegation of retired government officers from Beijing.  In 2018, the LOCPG would organize a visit by the Hong Kong disciplined services ROAs to the retired officers of Guangdong Provincial People's Government.  Besides experience sharing on the official work prior to retirement, the delegations would also share the retirement benefits enjoyed by retirees.

18.           Eric Fan proposed and Tony Kwok seconded, and the meeting agreed to add one more post of Vice-Chairman. 

19.           Raymond pointed out that by addition of one more Vice-Chairman, the composition of the Executive Committee would be 5 office bearers plus 10 EC members.  The relevant parts of the Association Constitution would be amended accordingly.  While the addition of the Vice-Chairman post would be implemented with immediate effect, the amended constitution would be presented in the next AGM for endorsement.

Election of Office Bearers and EC Members

20.           Ricky informed the meeting that most of the existing office bearers and EC members were willing to stand for re-election.  Exceptions were Sydney stepping down as Treasurer, and the withdrawal from Alice Tso, Louis Cheung and Michael Ko. 

21.           Meantime, Edwin Tsang had agreed to take up the role of Treasurer, Neil Parkinson and Davy Nip had kindly agreed to stand for election as EC members.

22.           With no nomination from the floor, and no contestants for the office bearers and EC members, the composition of the EC for the tenure of 2017 to 2019 would be :

                Chairman                           Ricky Hui

                Vice-Chairman                  Raymond Chow

                Vice-Chairman                  PK Ng

                Treasurer                           Edwin Tsang

                Secretary                           Samuel Chung


                Executive Committee     Neil Parkinson

                                                            Davy Nip

                                                            Teresa Wu

                                                            Fred Poon

                                                            Sydney Sun

                                                            Maurice Yuen

                                                            Eric Fan

                                                            John Wong

                As stated in the Association¡¯s constitution, the Executive Committee would include the following :

                Immediate Outgoing Chairman            Daniel Tung

                Staff Officer/Management 3                 Rebecca Cheung


23.           Francis Li proposed Tommy Yeung to continue to be auditor, seconded by Eric Fan, and the meeting agreed unanimously.

24.           Franklin Wong Wah Kay agreed to be co-opted member of the EC to provide advice on fellowship activities.


Any Other Business

Contact with Elderly Members

25.           In response to Neil¡¯s enquiry on the proposal of contacting elderly ROA members, say, those over 80 years of age, Ricky said that the EC had endorsed the proposal at an earlier meeting.  PK would take the lead to find out members¡¯ birthdays.  Afterwards, monthly or quarterly gatherings would be considered for the elderly members.

Commission Activities for Retired Members

26.           Rebecca informed the meeting that ROA members were welcomed to join the ICAC Road Race scheduled for 13 January 2018.  She would relate the details to ROA when more information was available.


Vote of Thanks

27.           Ricky thanked the office bearers and EC members for their assistance, and the members for taking time and effort in attending the AGM.

28.          Francis Proposed and Ryan seconded to extend vote of thanks for the three out-going EC Members who had served the ROA for years. Members agreed that it was this kind of relentless support that made us strong.

29.           On behalf of the ROA, Ricky extended vote of thanks for Helen who had been acting as big sister looking after and advising on association activities all along.  Her efforts had projected a strong sense of belonging and esprit de corps.  Helen responded that she was very pleased with all the work done by the ROA, in bringing together members of the 3 departments of the Commission, uniting all of us as a big family after retirement.

30.           Ricky also thanked Tony, Ryan and Francis for their ardent support and lead in many association functions, for their help and advice in difficult times and in the association¡¯s endeavours.            

31.           PK proposed a vote of thanks, and Ricky extended his heartfelt thanks for Rebecca for her extraneous effort in looking after the welfare of ROA members and reflecting our views in securing Commission¡¯s recognition of the ROA¡¯s status.


Closure of Meeting

32.           There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6.10 p.m.