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香港各退休公務員協會 聯席會議







集合地点:筲箕湾地鉄站A3岀口 (9号巴士)
行山领隊    :謝志光

報名:请各會員Whatsappemail回覆報名,EC members 會統筹並向大會報名。
這次撹手為本會主席 Ricky Hui.

There is a Spring Hiking jointly organized by seven Civil Service ROAs to be held on April 12, Wednesday, walking from Shaukiwan MTR Stn to Shek O along the ridge (Dragon Back). We will assemble at 0945hrs at Shaukiwan Station Exit A3  .
The whole journey will take us about 3.5hrs. We will take meal after the walk somewhere at the end of the trip near Siu Sai Wan.
Please reply by email if you are going and we will wait for you at Exit A3 that morning.




  Cycling   單車同樂日



於單車同樂日舉辦 成功,日後將不時再籌辦,請留意公佈。

目的: 為各會員提供多一項户外活動及享受美麗及完善的單車徑。

基本要求: 可以單獨控制單車。

服裝及安全要求: 舒適上衣,貼身褲,手套,頭盔(可租賃)

單車: 可以自攜或在上述車店租賃,整天大概$80

*諮詢請與  Eric Fan 聯絡 ( 63399570  email : )。



Photography Class   攝影班


     ( Already started as scheduled )   

      歡迎隨時加入。請以email 聯絡我們

The ROA has arranged a free photography class for our members. No matter what kind of camera you are using, from professional DSLR to just a phone-cam, your technique will be much improved after attending this class.

Class commenced on June 10, and new comers are always welcome.  Registration can be made simply by email to:



無論你是用手机,袋装相机,單反机都有辨法映到一些靚相。退休会邀請了一位会員并是資深的攝映大師 danny lau 免费为大家講學,星期一 天(多為星朔三),1430-1730 在尖沙咀上課,並有户外練習。新手老手都可跟程度改進技巧。

歡迎隨時加入。請以email 聯絡我們




Free Photography Class



You don’t have to buy a new camera, unless you very much wish to.



Free lectures, but nominal expenses for outings, such as travelling expenses and lunch nearby location shooting.


Venue for Lectures

Flat F, 5/F. Far East Mansion, No. 5~6 Middle Road, TST., Kowloon.


Biography of Lecturer

OUHK Professional Diploma in Commercial Photography

Associateship in Pictorial Photography and Fellowship in Applied Photography of Royal Photography Society of Great Britain (1986)

Champion of Image Hong Kong 93 International Grand Final Photography Contest (1993)

Champion of Focus Malaysia International Photography Contest (1993)

Guest photographer of ICAC Operations Department Review (1996-1997)



Chinese Kung Fu Class  --  八段錦健體班

Free classes to be led by renowned Kung Fu Master

Free classes of Pat Tuen Kam 八段錦 on every Thursday.

Venue : Flat H, 8/F. Far East Mansion, No. 5~6 Middle Road TST., Kowloon


               九龍尖沙咀中間道 5-6 號,遠東大廈8樓H室

Number of participant is flexible. Please indicate your interest by return email.

Kung Fu Master being 霍元甲徒孫,北少林滄州迷踪派馬志堅師傅

Details about the Kung Fu Master can be found here :

Registration : By email to Ricky Hui      


Other Events to be Organized from Time to Time

-- dinner gatherings, charity visits to home for the aged, charity tours to remote areas in Mainland, hikings, local day-tours,  Mainland tours.....

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