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The ICACROA is founded by retired officers of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and is committed to fostering the communication amongst retired officers of the Commission. The Association will organize various activities and encourage participation of members to up keep their physical and mental health.









All the activities of the Association are to be planned and organized by the Executive Committee (EC). The list of EC Members can be found under "Office Bearers" .








We welcome retired officers of the ICAC to be our members. Besides taking part in the Association's social, creational and sports activities, we also urge our members to participate in voluntary work to render care and support to those in need, both in Hong Kong and Mainland. A member has the right to vote and stand for election to be an EC Member or Office Bearer, to be informed of the up-coming events of the Association, to participate in our activities and projects, and has the obligation to raise any views for the betterment of the Association's work.







跟据會章,會方每年向會員收取年費。 請各位會員將年費($100) 存入下列退休會滙豐之户口后, 在入數纸寫上會員名字再上載本會WhatsApp群组,方便司庫入帳。

滙豐銀行戶口102-529872-001 ICAC Retired Officers' Association

新會員(包括Associate members)需要缴交入會費$100,該費用也自動成為當年會費。 如一次过缴交5年會費共$500,便成為永遠會員,不用再續年交費。


According to the constitution, the Association collects annual dues from members every year. Please deposit the annual fee ($100) into the following account, write the member's name on the deposit slip, and then upload it to the Association’s WhatsApp group to facilitate the treasurer's account entry.

HSBC A/C 102-529872-001

ICAC Retired Officers' Association

New members (including Associate members) need to pay a membership fee of $100, which automatically becomes the membership fee for the current year. If a member pays a total of $500 at one time for 5 years of membership, he will become a permanent member and do not need to pay annual membership fee afterward.








  Online Appl      請點撃左方按鈕並於網上直接提交資料。

  本會將盡快與你聯絡並把   會員證   寄上。謝謝。



Please click on the link  above  to submit an application online. We will contact you asap and you will receive your membership card by post.


Thank you.










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