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The ICACROA is founded by retired officers of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and is committed to fostering the communication amongst retired officers of the Commission. The Association will organize various activities and encourage participation of members to up keep their physical and mental health.









All the activities of the Association are to be planned and organized by the Executive Committee (EC). The list of EC Members can be found under "Office Bearers" .








We welcome retired officers of the ICAC to be our members. Besides taking part in the Association's social, creational and sports activities, we also urge our members to participate in voluntary work to render care and support to those in need, both in Hong Kong and Mainland. A member has the right to vote and stand for election to be an EC Member or Office Bearer, to be informed of the up-coming events of the Association, to participate in our activities and projects, and has the obligation to raise any views for the betterment of the Association's work.








(1)     Online Appl      網上直接提交資料。

(2)     請填妥表格後,將HKD100入會費,按下述賬戶入賬並


         並把   會員證   寄上。謝謝。



Applicant please click on this link  Online Appl  to

(1) submit an application online, and (2) bank in HKD100.- to 

HSBC A/C  102-529872-001 .  Please take a photo of the bank-in slip, and Whatsapp it to our Treasurer Mr. Edwin Tsang at  94580250  .


Thank you.










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