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News about ex-colleagues, home visits by those who have emigrated, as well as returns of expatriate officers, etc...



We are sad to learn that Mr Bertrand de Speville, our ex-Commissioner (1993-1996) has passed away. Mr Tony Kwok, Hon President has called his wife Carol to offer condolences from ROA, and Mr PK Ng, Chairman has also sent condolences to Carol (message).


Mr de Speville was instrumental in pushing localization in the Commission & he was well respected & liked by all who had worked with him. He had also devoted his retirement to promote the good name of ICAC internationally in his most successful consultancy work.


May he rest in peace ! He will be missed !



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Another sad news from UK.

Mr Dave Snider has passed away on March 31.

We are sad losing two old soldiers within a few days. Both had experienced poor health in recent times but neither allowed this to prevent them from leading life as best as they could.

May they be at peace now.



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